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Deep-Cleansing Facial Treatment To Reveal Radiant Skin. This Specialized Facial Combines a Patented Treatment Device With Potent Cosmeceutical Ingredients to Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract & Hydrate Skin.



These Soft-Tissue Fillers Are Injected Into The Skin To Temporarily Restore Facial Volume, Fill In Lines & Wrinkles, or Enhance Facial Contours.



This minimally-invasive procedure uses a needling device that inflicts controlled micro-injuries to stimulate skin’s ability to repair and produce new collagen.

Face Complexion


Botox & Cosmetics, Chemical Peels, Dermal Fillers, Facials, Kybella, Laser Treatments, Microneedling. Laser Hair Removal. & Resurfacing. Vaginal Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Skin Lightening. Acne Scars. Age Spots. Fine Lines. Wrinkles. Sun-Damaged Skin.

Image by Bill Oxford


We Help Patients Achieve Their Weight-Loss Goals With Many Treatment Options:

Physician Supervised Program

 Motivation, Diet, Exercise, & Prescribed Compounded Medication, LIPOcel, Fat-Burning Injections.

Back Pain


ACP & Stem Cell Therapies

for Pain Management NCV/EMG, Joint/Extremity/Non-Spinal Injection, Platelet Rich Plasma.

Happy Couple Hugging


Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Hair Growth & Restoration 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Performance Enhancement.

Lower Body


Non-Invasive Body Contouring Includes Professional Treatments That Help Tighten The Skin & Reduce Unwanted Fat. 



IV Wellness Therapy. Lab Testing. Telomeres. Micronutrient Testing Health Qigong. Optimal Health Plan.

Your Partner of Health, Inside & Out

Our vision is Your Optimal Health Total Solution: Beauty From Inside & Out! Our unique combination of knowledge of methods from both the most cutting edge medical sciences and ancient wisdom of optimal health bring you holistic package of health.

1-on-1 Consultation

We offer state-of-the-art medical treatments as well as traditional methods of personal care. Each of our treatments is personalized to fit the needs of the individual client. 

#1 Medical Clinic in the Area

Andes Medical Care is lead by the experience and expertise of our providers, who take great pride in providing an experience that patients can feel comfortable in – and confident about. We are a dynamic team with a repertoire of services that emphasize wellness, weight loss, aesthetics, and more. 

Specialist Doctors

Dr. Ran Kim has years of experience, Dr. Kim emanates a commitment to quality medical care, communication, service, and innovation.

Featured In

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Female Doctor

“As a physician, I focus on patients’ health in my day to day work and I am exhausted usually by end of the day. Over the years, I grow emotionally drained easily and I don’t take care of myself to be in my best shape! With Andes Medical Care Happy Physician program, I networked with fellow physicians and found emotional support!”

Attractive Young Woman

“I lost 40 lbs and I have been keeping at my ideal weight since! This was impossible before and I am grateful to Dr Kim for helping me proactively maintain my health! Staff at Andes Medical Care are so caring, knowlegeable and helpful! I am recommending Andes Medical Care to all my friends.”

Smiling Mature Woman

“TCM Optimal Health Plan is simply amazing! Wisdom from the East combined with tools from the most cutting edge medical sciences make sense and practically easy to follow! With my daily routines optimized to include best time management techniques, my exercise routine is magically kept well!”



An Accredited Doctor & highly regarded medical specialist, Dr. Kim’s goal is to ensure the utmost in patient convenience in experiencing comprehensive, coordinated, and personalized care.

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